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June 11, 2012 / aaronmarkson

Kamado Grill/Smoker Table

I have been wanting to get a charcoal grill for some time now. We have an old propane grill that works ok, but I wanted something that was more versatile, and I like the fast of food prepared over charcoal rather than propane.  So, after a bunch of research online, I bought a Kamado style grill and smoker from lowes made by char griller. Most of this style cookers are all ceramic and cost a lot of money, but this one was insulated steel like an indoor oven, and much cheaper, so I decided to get it. This Grill had a couple of shelves and sat on a stand with wheels, but I had seen some others that have made or bought tables for these, so I decided to build one.  It looks great and gives me plenty of room for work space when grilling.  So far the Kamado is working out great as a grill, and I look forward to using it as a smoker soon.


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  1. Jill Berni / Jul 26 2012 10:56 am

    I love my gas/wood smoker but I have to sell it. Any ideas on how I can find the value?

  2. Jordan / Jun 18 2013 1:01 pm

    Table looks good, I have had a hard time finding plans or ideas on how to mount/support the akorn in a table. How did you do it?

    • aaronmarkson / Jun 18 2013 8:20 pm

      Jordan – I didn’t have any plans, just kinda made it up. It’s framed up and supported with cedar 2x4s, and then the top has a hole cut a little smaller than the diameter of the grill. I lined the opening of the hole with felt, and then just set the grill in. It is very sturdy.


  1. Akorn Grill by Char Griller -

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