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April 10, 2013 / aaronmarkson

Attic Update

Although I haven’t posted anything on the blog for some time now, I have made some progress on my attic.  The summer of 2012 was insanely busy for me with the band I play in, so I didn’t do much work on the attic at all over the summer. My goal was to get the space insulated before the MN winter came. This meant that I had to finish up some framing, run all the electrical, and do all the plumbing before I could insulate.  It was a busy fall an early winter with pre-production and recording a new album with the band, but I managed to meet my goal.



I used Roxul insulation for the first time and was really happy with the results.  Before putting the insulation in, I put baffles in between each roof rafter to allow for an air gap between the insulation and roof decking. In addition to the Roxul, I installed foil face sheathing on the knee wall, angled walls and ceiling to meet insulation codes. The foil facing acts as a vapor barrier too when all the seams are sealed up.



After this was time to start hanging drywall. All of the angles made for a lot of cutting, and the rigid foam forced me to use longer drywall screws, but all in all it went up well. I didn’t take many pictures during these steps, but here’s one during the progress of hanging the drywall…excuse the mess.



I have actually completed hanging the drywall, and taping all the seams, and just put the first coat of primer on yesterday! It’s really starting to look like a room that can be used now.  I’ll be sure to take some pictures once I am done priming the new drywall. Now I need to figure out what kind of flooring to put in, and pick out tile for the bathroom. My goal is to have it all done by the end of July. While that seems totally do-able in many ways, It’s gonna be tight in terms of having the time and money to get it all done by then. It’s good to set goals though, right?

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